Words of participants:

1. Well, I don’t write as much as I used to, but I feel I have to write this down. Urška and the rest of the organizers – this was one of the best festivals I have ever attended. First of all, the scenery. It was really a bliss come true. Second of all, it was so much more than a dance festival… From the trip to explore the Brda region to all the mindfulness events during the weekend, the round table where we explored why we dance and what does a dance mean to us and sharing that with others, the Ishmech dance expression (where I felt crazy and loved it), the 2 hour workshop (thanx Nemanja) without any choreography, just exploring the power of connection, which ended too soon, the wonderful Matej & Barbara class that had such a different approach in teaching that we are used to (I am sorry I couldn’t attend other dance classes of the festival, but I am sure they were also mindblowind and different as I have felt such a strong Love for Dance and Life in all the instructors at the round table), to the dinner where all the instructors danced Polka and Wiener Waltz and did it so well one can hardly believe what a connection to the music can do and how World is small and the cultural exchange is really a bliss. That in itself was simply mind blowing and so different to other festivals I can call this my Life Experience, not only a festival.

Both dance parties I attended were so full of energy, love for dance and Life in general, and the people were in some ways more open, reaching to others, dancers and instructors really dancing with everyone, powerful and energetic music night long… From the videos I am sure the drums and african music Sunday nigh was a cultural experience also, unfortunately I had to go home.

It was not a big festival, but it was a friendly one, taught a lot and I think the connection between dance, life and mindfulness is really one of a kind. It was a blessing to be in bliss and me as a small local organizer can only feel the amount of work all the organizers put into this event and I can only thank them with my deepest respect and I only hope we can see each other next year. Thank you Urška and others for making the bliss come true this weekend! Wonderful individuals came to the party, all of you, making the World a better place to live.


2. To Urška and her entire team I just want to say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS for pulling off such an amazing event. I know from personal experience how much time, effort and energy organising an event requires. And I think YOU GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB! The location was perfect, the DJs amazing, the music fantastic and so many great teachers and dancers made everything just so much better. It’s always such a joy to see so many beautiful people from all walks of life in one place. 🙂

My initial plan did not include going to the festival, but due to a last-minute change of heart I went after all. And I’m happy that I did because I had so much fun, got to meet some really nice people and danced my ass off! 😀

A HUUUUGE thank you to everyone who made this weekend an unforgettable experience. And I hope that after some good and well-deserved rest Urška and the team will soon start planning the 2nd edition for next year. 😀


3. Intiniti Dance Bliss. Perfect name.
Urška, I had a great feeling about this the first time you started talking to me about it long time ago in Lisbon, when you were still forming your idea… So strong was the feeling every time we sat down to exchange ideas that I still get goosebumps thinking about it!
I am happy to have been along with you the entire time, while you incubated this – and then watching the birth of this creation. I am honored to have been a part of it.

The entire team was fantastic. You did an incredible job, considering this was only the first (of many to come, I hope!) Intiniti Festivals.

I was thrilled to hear the local deejays being so good! And the Slovenian dancers! Parties were awesome, dancing with these passionate and considerate leaders. Obviously Matej & Barbara are doing a fabulous job developing the students there!
Dancers were united here from all over the world, from near and far. Thanks for sharing the joyful connection – England, France, Austria, Finland, Portugal.. all of you!

Venue… what to say. Vila Vipolže is magnificent, and the area is a paradise on Earth. Lucky us who got to be in that landscape all weekend to nourish our minds, hearts and spirits, let alone the bodies with all the great food (thanks for offering vegetarian!) and local wines and apple juice!

My thanks also to Mestre Petchu, Antonio Bandeira, Iolanda Rangel and Nunes Da Costa II for always teaching me about your beautiful culture, and to the DJ’s Tó Costa and Filipe Malta DJ Sabura , who awaken the passion in me on the dance floor!

My loving appreciation to you all – colleagues, students, staff, friends, cooks, guides, drivers – all of you who were a part of it. Looking forward to the next edition!

Intiniti Festival <3
The concept is great, the atmosphere warm, the venue and organisation. See you again next year!

(Kirsi vanSol, Artist, Finland)

4. Intiniti Dance Bliss Festival 1st Edition was truly a Bliss in every way.
it connected people of different dance and life background, then showed how we all can learn from each other so much when we open our minds and hearts.
I believe the global dance festival world is really hungry for connection and belonging, new concept workshops, having the time to truly socialize, get to know the artists and each other, eat together, talk, share ideas and opinions…
This weekend brought a lot of joy and hope to me of the future in our dance community.

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Dance

(Nemanja Sonero Artist, Estonia/Serbia)

5. I experienced a body isolation.
My soul left my body.
I was certainly transported back to Africa; my Roots.
I felt home at home in Slovenia
IDBF Team well done 👍🏿


6. Dear Urška Merljak, thank you for the Bliss, obrigada for gathering so many amazing people.. African rhythms, kizomba, midfulness and Ishmech still vibrating inside us.

It only seems impossible until it’s done!

Até já!


7. Having been to many many dancing festivals I can definitely say that this one has a SOUL!

Lots of details and side activities were taking place so smoothly that people were certainly feeling like in a wonderland full of joy, happiness, taste, friendship, love.

From painting board to slovenian traditional quintet, from oil and wine degustations to drums playing….

One among many pointI appreciated: there were no artists, no teachers, no 1st class nor 2nd class, no beginner nor advanced dancer, no queues for that teacher….. we were all there to dance in peace with heart full of good vibes

A great aspect many people, even the ones behind the corner, ignore is that Brda is like wonderland: nature at 360° filled with vineyards, olive trees, cherry trees, and colours all over around. It’s worth a visit just for this reason.

(Giuseppe delli Santi Artist, Italy)