Follow your heart – The story of path (INTINITI Dance Bliss International Festival) creation

Kizomba and the beginning of a new life

Everything started with the question “Do you know what KIZOMBA is?”  No? Ok, follow me, I’ll show you. From that moment in 2012, many things changed in my life. I started to learn a new language, a language that runs beyond words: KIZOMBA.

At the same time, I started on my path back HOME, back to my ROOTS – toward my TRUTH, authentic and free. My self-discovery became even more powerful when I started accepting African vibes in my life. Since I started to dance, learning about Life came naturally with it. I started to question many of my old believes, that were constructed form my culture, the place and family I was born into, the nation, effects from the environment, education system, and more,… Every one of us lives in our small world, and has his or her own perceptions. I started to question and re-feel mine, in order to become real me, pure and true self. Dancing without form, forgetting about the rhythm in Afro tribal dances or moving on African music of Kizomba and Semba, in to the present moment, is helping me to regain contact from the known world, and to see life and myself from another perspective. Taking new steps as if on another planet is sometimes shaking me, surprising me, confusing me, but I am so grateful that I am learning from diving into the unknown world… And not falling down when encountering obstacles.

 Have you ever given a thought what your Truth is?

Feel it! When you come in contact with it, you know that this is not about feelings, thoughts not, even about body sensations that you perceive on the daily basis, forever changing. It is something stable, always there.


INTINITI Dance Bliss International Festival

Everything makes so much sense when looking back on how every step I have made since I found Kizomba, lead to the creation of the INTINITI Dance Bliss International Festival. And yet I know, it is just the beginning of the true path – of Love.




Written by: Urška Merljak