• 4 days of Workshops: Ishmech, Afro Tribal, Kizomba, Semba, Mindfulness, Musicality, Round table

  • 4 Parties (in 2 rooms)

  • Social room

  • Concerts

  • Movies

  • African fashion

  • Trip over Brda

  • Lunch in Brda wineyard

  • Wine and olive oil experience

  • Journey throughout exclusive cuisine experience by Tomaž Kavčič: genuine food, local products, snack bar, 4 dinners provided at the venue.

  • Drums playing

  • Workshops for children


  • African dances
  • Music
  • Instruments
  • Food
  • and fashion;

Participants from worldwide;

and WORLD RENOWNED CONCEPTS accurately joined together

  • mindfulness
  • conscious dances
  • afro tribal
  • kizomba
  • and semba

altogether guide the festival participants to discover their full natural potential, which will ensure more quality and successful lives in personal and work environment.

From all those different cultures and concepts we created

3 days of workshops,

4 night parties in two different rooms with

  • different music
  • social room during the day
  • 3 thematic dinners in the Vila’s wine cellar
  • African journey on Sunday afternoon…

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Learn new ways of relaxing the everyday stress and requirements of everyday life.

We believe that INTINITI Dance Bliss festival will not only make you better dancers, partners, friends, parents, workers, but what is more, you’ll become better human beings



If you are interested in and attracted to brain research or perhaps very skeptical about it and possibly unhappy that science delves into dance … come to Neuroscience of dance – challenges and findings

Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have responded to rhythms from their environment with our own rhythmic movement. We internalise and entrain ourselves in the rhythm, build upon it, adding melodies thus creating music and dance. In the recent decades, the development of neuroscience has enabled insight into the workings of neural networks underlying our responses to music, spawning neuroscience of dance. The talk will offer a brief look at how neuroscience in Slovenia and the world is researching dance and review some of the most interesting study findings. After the presentation, you will have a chance to address the subject from your vantage point 🙂

Mara (Maja) Bresjanac is a physician and neuroscientist. She runs the Laboratory for neural plasticity and regeneration at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana. Maja was a co-founder and is the current president of SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association. Dance is a subject she has been learning and researching with great enthusiasm, albeit not for very long.

SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association, is a coallition of neuroscientists and brain researchers across all levels of investigation. The mission of SiNAPSA is to advance understanding of the brain and development of neuroscience through its diverse research, educational and promotional activities and improved individual and societal care for brain health.