Project Description

Katian was born in Nampula, Mozambique and lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where Urška Merljak (the festival organiser) met her through the European Young Entrepreneurs Programme in 2016. Together they have developed the Mindfulness Intelligence project ( which will be presented at the festival. Having studied and lived abroad for many years, she is a citizen of the world who believes that no matter where you are, the purpose of life is to remember your inner state of Happiness and Peace and live it. Being an Internationally certified and experienced Trainer, Mediator and Coach, she has realised that far too often we bring suffering into our lives, wasting time and energy that could otherwise serve us better. Being mindful about our choices is something that implies practice and a purposeful effort. So, be it with the help of Dance, Yoga, Meditation or any other form of Mindfulness, as an entrepreneur, she values a balanced and harmonious life style. Looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you, with much love.