How powerful do you feel?

Find and free your inner power that lays beyond your body sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Feelings of stillness, deep peace, joy, lightness, love, understanding, acceptance and thrust arise when we surpass our limitations, fears and blockages of the personality, as well as our temporary thoughts and emotions. There is a vaster space in pureness, where everything is more alive. From the room of inner wisdom you can reach your power for creativity, intuition, passion, self guidance and self healing.

How can you reach this place?

Raise the awareness that emerges when purposefully paying attention to the present moment – in the here and now.  


..is becoming fully aware of your experience here and now, both internally and in the external world around you. Observing without judging or having any opinion. Our mind is accustomed to clinging and holding onto, instead of letting go or allowing a free flow. Acceptance of whatever is guides us to a natural transformation.

Mindfulness & Dance. Testimony

I call it “the return to innocence”, where I belong. It allows me to express how to be to the fullest, to freely speak out my truth without words. I feel joy, connection with myself and the aliveness in every expression of life. When I become one with the music and body movement, my constructed personality, my ego vanishes and I become pure.

Being mindful through dance is the easiest way for me to find and enjoy the aliveness of every present moment. I am transferring the knowledge and experiences achieved in dance into my daily life and practicing mindfulness in everyday tasks as well.

I am tapping into my inner wisdom and guidance of my intuition through dance, it is a treasure and a healing process for me. After expressing what my wise body wants, my eyes are relaxed, alive, shining.

I believe that the most beautiful moment that you can experience is here and now and that the best moments I can create are the ones I create just by myself, independent of my external world. It is impossible to be happier with anybody else but with your own self, only I can feel the beauty and aliveness of every moment, nobody else can feel and create it for me. I am “in love” with whatever it is. And here comes the amazing feeling of being grateful for everything in our lives.

We are home where we are natural, just how we are. Without any blockages that our environment, parents, culture, countries… Constructed for us. We belong to those FREE SPIRITS! The soul is wise – we just have to listen to it.

Words of festival guest and a psychotherapist

“The most Southern spot of Africa, Cape Agulhas … I sit and observe the dancing of the waves. Each one is new, unique and distinct. As every move and breath are new and different from the ones that came before.

My thoughts wander back to the INTINITI Dance Bliss Festival which brings all those elements to Slovenia… the rhythms of Africa, movement, mindful awareness of oneself in any given moment. How can we observe the reality in a more lighthearted fashion, as than ‘for what it is?’ We are able to see our own bodies in their transcendent fluidity of feelings. They change from one moment to the next. What happens to me when I dance? How come I have the power to unwind one part of the body when I direct my thoughts to it?

The festival posts questions and it opens hearts. It gives us answers in the shape of experience, rather than words.”