Ishmech workshops with Kristina De Ventus

Using Ishmech methods and various techniques to explore the body, you will learn how to correctly use your body in a relaxed state as an instrument for self-expression, free and focused communication, self-control, improved awareness and for achieving objectives with ease. You will achieve physical self-confidence, a state of physical relaxation, and intellectual and psychological detachment. This in turn leads us to a complete state of freedom, in which we are capable of creating our own life situations.

The adventure of dance and movement workshop represents an accelerated path to reprogramming our conditioned physical state and unlearning what we know about movement; we calm the mind and return to our own potential. We free ourselves of thoughts, beliefs, memories, tension, habits, stiffness and stress, and learn to move easier. At the same time, we activate our slumbering internal energy. Joy, ecstasy and delight are awoken.

No prior knowledge of dance is required to participate in the adventure of dance and movement workshop. You don’t need to have danced previously. All you need is to be curious about what your body is capable of.

By eliminating the barriers that have accumulated throughout our lives, we give our life energy the opportunity to flow freely again. Through dance, we improve our physical capabilities: we learn to breathe correctly and improve circulation, while our muscles become increasingly relaxed, flexible and stronger, and we ourselves become more limber.

Only when we have physically released all tensions from our body can we begin to achieve peace of mind and create a void from which we begin to open up. Our awareness increases, and we become more awake and sensitive, less rigid and delicate. We begin to hear, see, taste and smell more intensely, our communication improves, love rises to a higher level of consciousness and our interpersonal relationships improve. We begin to understand who we are and how we function, and we start to accept ourselves in all of our perfection.

The artist Kristina De Ventus can dance for hours, days or weeks on end. Once she begins, there is no need to stop. Her body no longer aches as it did when she danced a specific technique and she does not feel fatigue. She feels fantastic, despite the fact that she only sleeps one to two hours a day. Fifteen minutes is enough for rapid regeneration, as her body renews itself when energy sources have been unlocked. She is able to work uninterrupted, with pleasure, abandon and in perfect harmony with herself.

Kristina De Ventus

Kristina is a dancer and dance teacher with the status of cultural worker from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, and an Ishmech trainer. She has held workshops in Slovenia and abroad for more than 15 years.

When still dancing on the big stages she reached the pinnacle of her schooling in classical ballet, Horton modern dance technique, floor barre, modern jazz, Cunnigham and modern dance syntheses while training at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Centre in New York, where she appeared in the choreography Memoria with members of the AAAD Theatre. She performed as a soloist in the choreographies of the French choreographer Fred Lasserre and the Chilean prima ballerina Maritza Galaz. She was a dancer in the winning choreography at the world championships in show dance, and was four-time national champion in show dance and pairs.

As a dancer, Kristina tells her stories through movement. In Ishmech, a unique method of active exercises that links the individual to his or her own form of movement, dancing and sensing of music, she has discovered harmony between music and the body. Using her own unique methods, she teaches others how to achieve a state in which the dancer flows with movement and music, when everything becomes one, a perfect moment.

When we dance, we embrace nascent ecstasy and let it into our heart. Ishmech awakens the seed within man, helping him grow and experience the secret of the fragrant internal blossom that is brought into complete harmony with sound, movement and nature through music.

Kristina De Ventus says about herself: “In Ishmech, when I dance without a predefined choreography, I become fluid and discover an iridescent state that leads me from moment to moment, from sensation to sensation. Dance is a new experience for me, every time. I once danced to the music; now my body responds to the music. All the instruments, even if there are 10 or 20, take over my body at once. I become free, joyful and playful. I have discovered myself in Ishmech. And I want to share that with others.”

The workshops with Kristina De Ventus are a possibility to unlock the gateways to become truly united in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Techniques that will be interwoven at workshop and associated objectives

  • Breathing techniques: correct breathing in everyday life, the ability to use breathing as a way to release physical and certain emotional (e.g. fear, nervousness and anger) barriers.

  • Understanding the importance of the impact of music on our lives: the ability to express oneself through different music.

  • Strengthening self-confidence and trust in ourselves: achieving physical intelligence.

  • Correct body alignment: the correct alignment of the skeletal system to reduce the burden on the muscular system. Reducing tension in specific muscle groups.

  • Stretching with breathing: gradual achievement of muscular flexibility.

  • Achieving and improving balance: the ability to sense one’s own weight and understanding weight transfer. Improving one’s own balance.

  • Eliminating muscular tension and limitations.

  • Exploring and discovering movement techniques: the ability to move various parts of the body and discover movement techniques in space. Exceeding limitations to movement.

  • Exploring space: the ability to identify personal space and the freedom of movement therein. The ability to identify another’s space and the ability to move in and out of that space without creating tension. The ability to move freely, or dance in or through a space without creating tension.

  • Discovering one’s own body, rhythm and dynamic of movement: the ability to identify the rhythm of one’s own body, and trusting the dynamics of one’s body. Discovering our missing rhythms and dynamics.

  • Stimulating the dynamics of movement.

  • Discovering and dealing with the barriers that hinder us on our path to freedom: the ability to identify through dance our own barriers that limit our ability to relax in motion and the elimination of those barriers.

  • Discovering feelings and role playing.

  • Dance to open energy centres: the elimination of barriers for the free flow of life energy, which we then begin to use consciously.

  • Relaxation: the ability to slow breathing and achieve a state of mind free of thoughts.

  • The ability to observe: improving concentration and learning to observe correctly.

What Ishmech is about can be described in the words of participants:

*For the first time in my life, I felt what dance really is: a physical, intellectual and spiritual category that has nothing in common with counting steps and dancing learned movements.

*Kristina senses where and how to help you, and how to unlock and understand your own intelligence and the energy of your own body.

*Kristina herself is dance. It is a pleasure to watch her and learn from her. She explains so you understand. She demonstrates so you accept. I have learned to feel dance and the softness of my body; I have experienced my own femininity.

*Some side effects of Ishmech: a soft and fluid body, more energy, no back and shoulder pain from sitting in front of the computer, light walking and running, if necessary. An improved state of being also has a positive effect on all relationships, from business and personal relationships to intimate relationships.

*Kristina De Ventus and Ishmech get us a physical language to unlock the gateways to become truly united in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.