The body tells us all the time what our condition is. Inwards and outwards. From the reactions of the physical body we can see how strong, independent, persistent, competent, focused and relaxed we are. Most adults use 10 to 15 percent of their potential.


We included ISHMECH (a practice of MINDFULNESS) to the festival to hear, feel, understand, accept, and connect with yourself as an individual first. When fully present and in contact with yourself you can truly connect with others as well.


PSYCHOTHERAPISTS’ words about the INTINITI Dance Bliss Concept


Dr. Maša Žvelc, univ. dipl. psih., integrative psychotherapist, trainer and supervizor (SLO)

To paraphrase Freud’s words that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious, I can say that bringing together mindfulness and dance, in the way that the INTINITI Dance Bliss Festival does, is the royal way to finding you and your roots. Mindful dance enables a connection and harmony with oneself. While at the same time it stimulates you to express yourself and your creativity. It is an important medium for achieving balance and personal growth. I, as a dancer, psychologist, and psychotherapist, therefore, warmly welcome the INTINITI Dance Bliss Festival.


 Ljudmila Brezigar Srebot, psychotherapist and supervizor (SLO)

“I hear the beating of the Heart. Here it all starts.I move my body. I awaken my emotions. I deepen my breath. I sink into the depths of the soul and I remain open. I’m communicating with my glance. I’m here.

It invites me.

I observe how Intiniti is being born with awareness. Intiniti Dance Bliss Festival.
Like a tree full of branches, leaves and fruit, with roots that intertwine in the soil, the fertile soil.
Like a tree it goes with branches reaching to the sky, bringing fruit to the people.


The interweaving of the countries of the world creates joy,
it is the meeting of the art of creativity,
it is the body to body compassion,
movement to movement creating dance …
Wild, sensitive, humble, raw, slow, strong …
Proximity, freedom, and the birth of the “I”.


I follow, I stop, I lead, I swim …

To the core, when I am breathing slow,
I close my eyes,
consciously, I only observe,
I’m here. And I dance.
I look forward with joy, or flirt with melancholy,
I roar with emotion, or fight with caution,
from the inside out …
from the inside inward …
I entirely surrender to my timeless knowledge and …

I experience. ”

I heartily welcome the opportunity to explore the rhythms of your heart, the language of your Soul, and the curiosity of your Intuition in the time and space we have together in Brda.
I am grateful, gratefully and cheerfully supporting the Intiniti Dance Bliss Festival, where love for Dance is intertwined with the creativity of new ideas, movements, dance performances, therapeutic impressions and loving relationships.


Sally Openshaw , Integrative Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor (UK) words about the INTINITI concept

“Wow – a festival of dance – what a wonderful opportunity to help people make links between their bodies, movement and their thoughts and feeling. This feels like such a good energetic way to integrate using a holistic approach. In my experience, therapy can so often have a limited focus exclusively on talking and what INTINITI Dance Bliss Festival is offering here instead is an expansive way for people to experience through feeling it in their body. This will use a very different area of the brain to express and connect with themselves. I can see the care and passion the organizers have put into the details to prepare a rich social experience for everyone. I wish everyone every success in this venture.”